Different kind of fetishes that people can have

Fetishism is one of those subjects that can be a good reasons of debate among many people. Some people feel fetishism is a disorder and people that are having this complication should get a treatment as soon as possible. hot brunetteWhereas many other people are also there that claim it is a normal feeling and all the human beings can have this kind of feelings in their heart. Well, I am not going to be a part of this debate at this time, but I can share some details about some of the most common fetishes that are popular among human being:

Feet fetish: Feet fetish is the most common fetish that people can have in their heart. According to researches, more than 47% people can have foot fetish out of all those people that have any kind of fetishism. That number is really high if we compare it as whole because feet fetish covers almost half of the population. Here, I am not saying these people can’t have other kind of fetishes along with attraction for foot.

Leather fetish: This is the second most common fetish that people would have after foot. Many men wish to see their ViberEscorts.co.uk in tight leather dress. This gives fantastic sensation and joy to men. Also, if you think this fetishism is there only in men, then you are wrong about it because many women can also have attraction for leather.

Body piercing: I am not sure if we can keep it just after foot and leather fetish, but this thing is also very popular among all those people that are in fetishism group. This is one of those things in which ladies actually win the race

compared to their male counterparts. When it comes about piercing then most of the men would not choose this option while many girls don’t mind getting a painful piercing for their choice and some of them choose very weird one as well.

Breast and buts: I agree, many of you would consider it as a normal thing to have some kind of special attraction for breast and buts. I can’t say anything against your opinion, but you also need to understand that having a special attraction for breast of butt is not different compared to other kind of fetishes. The only difference is that it’s very common among all the people and its globally accepted as well. That is why you may not consider this as taboo, but it’s still not different than other things.

Domination-Submission: Domination submission is another fetishism form that is very much popular and common among a lot of people. In this particular method, one of the person act as a master while other one work like a slave. This kind of fetish is also very common among men and women. But many people consider it as a taboo and that is why they try to hide their opinions for same. So, we can add this thing also in this list of fetishes that people cave along with their feet fetish or attraction for foot.

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